Often you don’t even think about rewiring your home. You just assume your home is safe for your family. You are wrong!

Sadly this is not the case with an average of approximately 1,493 people hospitalised as a result of an electrical injury every 2 years.

20 PEOPLE DIE EVERY YEAR due to unintentional electrocution and it is likely that most of these deaths are preventable.

Over 54% of these deaths were due to electrocution at home.

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your family is safe at home.

  1. Ensure that if you buy a new property you get a certified electrician to check that your wiring is safe and in line with the most recent safety standards.
  2. Get your home rewired, particularly if it is not a new property
    1. Don’t overload your circuit with multiple double adaptors and extension cords
  3. Ensure your home has a modern fuse box with trip switches and other electrical safety components
  4. Avoid doing any DIY work using electricity


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